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Day One


It have been a crazy week since I last posted!

Alright. Your child’s first day of school is here. Make sure you bring with you everything your child will need. You should have received a supply list. Be sure to label all your child’s belongings as it is hard for the teachers to keep track of everyone’s items especially since many items are very similar. The best time to drop off your child on his first day is generally before 9:00 am. This will allow your child’s teacher to welcome him to the class without the entire class already there to overwhelm him. The majority of the activities planned for the day take place in the morning. When dropping off your child, make sure that the teacher is available to get your child involved in an activity before you leave. In other words, don’t just put your child down screaming when the teacher is in the middle of changing a diaper. You can wait a minute or two until the teacher can take him from you, if needed. This will make the transition much easier on everyone. Keep the drop off a quick as possible. Most schools will gladly let you call during nap time to see how your child is doing. I would not suggest coming to the classroom unless you are going to pick up your child. This just cause unnecessary distress for your child and disrupts the rest of the class as well. I suggest keeping the first day short if your child has not been exposed to any sort of child care setting. The children are very busy all day and it takes them a while to get used to that much activity. It also takes them a while to get used to napping at school, as well, so an early afternoon pick up would be best. When your a picking up your child, you will receive a daily report on your child’s activities, interactions, meals, diapering or toileting and nap times. This report will also list any¬† items that are needed and notes from the teachers. Please take the time to read this every day. This is a great way to continue your child’s learning experience at home by discussing what he did that day.

Congratulations! We all survived your child’s first day at school!

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Before The First Day


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

So you have made the big decision to enter your child in a day care or private preschool. You probably have had a tour of the school and set your start date. Now what?

Most schools will allow you to bring your child in to visit the week before starting. I highly recommend this. Ask the director what time during the day would be best as this could differ depending on the classroom. This visit is the perfect time for your child to meet his new teachers and classmates with the comfort of you still with him. He can began to get comfortable with his new environment without the anxiety of not having a parent with him. His teachers will let you know what you need to bring and show you where to put it when he officially starts. This is also the best time to ask his teachers any questions you may have and I’m sure his teachers will have questions for you, as well. Some of the questions that I like to ask are: Has he been in child care setting before? Does he have any dietary restrictions or allergies and if so, how severe are they? What is the best way to comfort him? Does he sleep with anything special? What will his typical drop off and pick up times be? What are his favorite types of toys?

Hopefully this visit will help prepare you and your child for day one!

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