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The Best Dressed Toddler


What makes the best dressed toddler differ greatly depending on whether you are a parent or a teacher. Parents may think that trendy skinny jeans and tulle tu-tus are the way to go. Your child’s teacher may think that loose fitting elastic waist pants and simple t-shirts are the way to go.  Overalls, coveralls and onesies are a huge hassle when you have six out of your twelve children covered in snaps. This adds a lot of time to the entire diaper changing process that could be better spent engaging the children in an exciting activity. Also, save the really nice outfits for special occasions and send your child in clothes that you don’t mind getting messy. Because as much as we try to keep them clean, they are children and they will get messy. Furry coats really attract the mulch from the playground. I have spent way too much time picking out mulch covering coats. Sundresses are wonderful for summer, but an uncovered diaper attracts mulch and then the mulch gets into the poor girl’s diaper. That just can’t be comfortable. Simple bloomers solve that problem in a very cute way.

Most of all, please keep in mind when dressing your child that she  is not the only child that has to have her diaper changed several times a day. A classroom of twelve toddlers with four diaper changes a day is 48 diaper changes a day. Just imagine that with overalls, overalls with onesies under, fleece coveralls, layers of onesies, tight jeans, tu-tus over leggings, and even the occasional footie pajamas. All we would be doing all day is changing diapers. Forget actually teaching your child anything or doing any art projects with your child.

I would love to see a classroom full of the best dressed toddlers!

*~* B *~*


Dressing for School


B here again. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. I loved seeing my class in their costumes! They were just so cute.

Now that November is upon us, the mornings are cool and the afternoons are warm. One would ask, “How do I dress my child for this drastically changing weather?” In my classroom, layers seem to work best. A short sleeved shirt for in the classroom works great. With long sleeves and sweaters, we are constantly pushing their sleeves up for hand washing, art, meals and messy projects.  For outside play, a light sweater and then their jacket keeps them warm and also allows for unrestricted movement. Big, puffy coats are great for playing in snow but are not easy for them to move around the playground.

We keep the classroom at a comfortably warm temperature but do not want the children to overheat from being dressed in a single thick sweater that is more appropriate for outdoors. So layer up your child all through fall and winter and don’t forget to label those extra layers (and the hat and mittens, too).

Keep warm (but not too warm!)

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