Two kids at school, who to pick up first?


Happy Friday! It’s B again. I have many children in my class that have older siblings in the school. So which child should you pick up first? I have noticed that starting with the youngest and working your way up seems to work best. I have had a few parents that collect their oldest first then come to my class to get their toddler. Their older child then goes to play with all of our toys (sometimes breaking them), tries to hug or pick up the other children, climb on our furniture, in general, wreck havoc on the classroom while the parent is trying to talk to me about their child’s day and deal with a tired toddler. I, then have to try to minimize the chaos from the older child, with him knowing that I’m not his teacher. Ugg. Parent is then at the door with the toddler waiting for the older child to decide that his is ready to leave his sibling’s class. Now the rest of the children are all riled up when they were playing quietly and calmly before the invasion.

Now a less chaotic way would be to pick up the youngest first. You can easily talk to the teacher while getting your child ready to leave. The teacher will be able to talk to you much easier, as well. Then you can go pick up you older child while holding the younger. You can teach your older child to collect his belongings and get himself ready to leave. And all with much less chaos.

Hope you have a chaos-free weekend!

*~* B *~*


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