Don’t Blame the Messenger… Please!


L here for my first post! And it’s all about those dreaded Accident/Bite Reports that no one EVER likes to fill out or read… Accidents happen, as does biting with the younger age groups and it is a lucky parent who never has to sign the form! We teachers especially don’t like having to inform parents why/how their child got hurt/bit or did the hurting/biting, especially closing teachers/floaters who were not witness to any of it. I have almost always been a closing teacher, and so have shown a LOT of forms to parents, some of whom are not even in my class and it never gets any easier, especially when I know that parent gets easily annoyed. Please keep in mind it is a part of the “un-fun” side of our job; know that we try to keep each child safe but getting hurt is part of growing up and learning how to interact with their physical world. Thank you!


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