The Dreaded Drop-off


So no one really wants to leave their child in the care of someone else while they go of to work, but for many families, it is a necessity. So what can you as a parent do to help make the best of those morning drop-off?

First off, put down that phone! Give 100% of your attention to your child for the few minutes you have left with him. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait until you get back in the car. I have seem so many melt-downs in hallways, parking lots, doorways, etc. all because the parent is on the phone with the office and not listening to what their child is trying to tell them. And whoever is on the other end of that phone call probably can’t hear anything the parent is saying over the screaming child anyway! Not worth it!

Second, talk with your child on the way to school about who she wants to play with and what toys she will want to play with. Ask her questions about what she thinks will happen that day at school. Even if your child still isn’t talking yet, hearing her friends and teachers names will help get her excited about the new school day.

Third, start letting your child walk into the building and down the hall to his classroom as soon as he is walking steadily. This gives him a sense of importance and that you are proud of him. He will enter the classroom at toy and friend level rather than way up in your arms far away from his friends and all the toys.

Fourth, don’t linger. Keep it as quick as possible. Pass on any important information to her teacher, tell you child to have a great day and that you will be back later and leave. Don’t stay behind the door or around a corner. If you can still see him, he can still see you. If you are concerned about a rough drop-off, call the school and ask about how he is doing. Odds are, he was playing with his buddies before you even made it to the car. Just remember, the longer you stay, the harder you make it for your child and in turn, for his teachers.

But, fifth, if your child had a BM on the way to school, at least offer to change her diaper. Most likely, her teacher will gladly change her for you so you can go on to work. But if the class is outside, depending on how many children and teachers are present, it many not be possible for a teacher to leave the playground due to ratios.

Ok, that’s all for now! Hope tomorrow is fabulous!

*~* B *~*


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